Limit Switch

The level switch monitors all liquids in terms of their level for your application. The application-specific probe design guarantees that all products are measured reliably.

mipromex – the Level Switch
The evaluation unit monitors, detects and controls your application
Guaranteed liquid level detection in the case of products with different consistencies and electrically conductive and dielectric properties is achieved by means of dynamic measured value processing and three-dimensional measuring behaviour.

Measuring system

The MLS limit value switch can be used for foam detection, fluids or powder level measuring. The first and second measurement circuits are equipped with the same functionality. The evaluation electronics not only serves as a feed unit in the 2-wire technology, it also houses the data processing intelligence.
Your benefit: High economic efficiency and investment security due to the long service life.

  • Limit value on the active measurement range length can be freely parameterised
  • Easy fault visualisation, fault notifications on 2nd relay output, if selected
  • With 1 or 2 measuring inputs
  • Limit value simulation

  • Ex-version: Gas II (2) G [Ex ia Gb] IIC EMC STS 024 CE ****

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    The standardised bar probe is configured to customer-specific process conditions and the media used.

  • Materialisation: Stainless steel, Hastelloy®, full PTFE designs
  • Process connection: Flange DN, ANSI or threading
  • For insulated lines with extension for detached connection head and/or with a cooling element
  • for product temperatures of up to 170° C
  • Connection head for indoor IP65 or outdoor IP68 in Exd
  • The standardised bar probes are configured to customer-specific process conditions and the media used. The probe technology, in contrast to the capacitive system, is also suitable for insulating, low-polarity fluids.

  • Materialisation: Stainless steel, Hastelloy®, full PTFE designs
  • Contamination in the inactive area and organic residues on the measuring electrode are negligible
  • Designs for extreme process conditions with temperatures of up to max. 400°C and vacuum
  • The quick measurement, 50 ms, guarantees reliable detection
  • Documentation
    Limit value probes for organic and aqueous foams

    With our impedance measuring principle and the high definition measuring electronics MTI all foams can be captured either analog as filling level tendency or digitally as limit value. A wide selection of probes enables all types of installation. The three-dimensional measuring behaviour enables a simple detection of foams. With the product specific probe in combination with the dynamic limit value detection different foams can be detected even if the probe is soiled. The control unit mipromex Typ MLS is equipped with a graphic display for the visualization of the foam level and setting of the limit value.

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