Dead man’s switch secures and monitors the tank filling process

Loading bay for lorries at fuel depots require that the filling process is monitored. Often, a cup of coffee is too tempting and the tanker remains unattended during the filling process. The dead man’s switch keeps people and the environment safe.

Our customers’ testimonials on the hand-held probe:
... “Even with high usage, the robust dead man’s switch works reliably and makes the tank filling process safe.”

mipromex – the protector
Safety on bottom-loading lanes in petrochemical fuel depots
With the dead man’s switch at fuel depots, the safety of people and nature takes top priority! The process of refuelling the lorry is monitored by the person responsible using the dead man’s switch. The system is equipped with a dynamic measured value processing system so that the safety switch cannot be bypassed by the operating personnel. The measuring system is sold in Switzerland by Inrag AG Birsfelden.


The protector MLS 1101 dead man’s evaluation unit not only acts as a feed unit with 2-conductor technology, but also possesses the intelligence of data processing.

  • Safe measured value processing that cannot be bypassed
  • No commissioning plug & process
  • 2 limit value relay outputs max. 2 A/30 V DC
  • 1 measuring input for STM 100 TM HG sensor connection
  • max. cable length: approx. 200 m (120 nF) for Ex ia
  • Ex design: Gas II (1) G [Ex ia Gb] IIB
    EMC STS 024 CE ****
    The standardised hand-held sensors are custom-produced in various spiral hoses (movement radius). Standard 2 m versions are available ex works.

  • Robust, light-weight hand-held sensor for rough use
  • Probe material: Aluminium, PTFE handle, steel spiral hose
  • Measuring electronics installed in an aluminium casing with a 2 m stainless steel spiral hose and kink protection springs on both sides connected to a junction box
  • Wall installation at any unloading station lane in explosive zone II

  • Additional information about services, on-site commissioning and probe repair»
    HG100 dead man’s switch

    Manual sensor, robustly designed, sits lightly and comfortably in the hand. In the winter, the probe can also be operated while wearing gloves. The hand-held sensor is equipped with a steel spiral hose with tensile relief and a junction box.

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    Brochure: Operator Presence Contro
    Tech Docs: Handgrip Sensor type HG100
    Tech Docs: Operator Safety Device type MLS 1101