Continuous separation layer measuring or batch separation of two non-mixable fluids

mipromex® – the multi-talent
MIQ 8130 separation layer evaluation unit
Monitors, detects and controls the separation layer
The all-rounder MIQ 8130 separation measurement unit processes the digital measurement signal transmitted by the measurement technology. The intrinsically safe voltage supply to the measurement electronics in the connection head is provided via the signal line. A modern operating and calibration concept with automatic calculation of the measurement range allows for an extremely short commissioning of the analogue measurement. Measurement signal in mA, percent or impulse value are displayed, as selected, on the display. A mA analogue signal that corresponds to the measurement value and a relay output are available as output signals. The membrane keyboard with a functional and fully graphic display contributes towards the user friendliness and safe working.
Fluid/fluid phase separation
Design of the universal mipromex® model MIQ 8130

  • Continuous separation layer monitoring in a decanter, separation vessel, mixer-settler
  • Separation layer detection batch separation in a separator, boiler
  • Impedance measuring principle for tube and bar probes
  • Easy calibration via menu-guided commissioning procedure
  • Graphic display for the lab with powerful backlighting
  • Menu-guided parameterisation D / F / E
  • Device data and item no. saving
  • Protected parameter entry
  • Measurement data processing in microprocessor technology
  • One measuring input for MTI probe connection
  • Analogue output 4-20 mA with galvanised separation, max. strain 750 Ohm
  • Monitored measurement circuit from the probe to the relay
  • Wire breakage protection and fault monitoring in 4-20 mA mode
  • Fault notification can be programmed on the analogue output 0.5 - 4.0 mA / 20.0 - 22.0 mA
  • Fault notification display time/date
  • Static or dynamic threshold value processing for batch separation
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • 2 relay outputs with zero potential switch contact threshold
  • mA output and threshold simulation
  • RS232-/RS485 interface
  • Mains 24 V AC/DC polarity-independent
  • ATEX Ex design II (2) G [Ex ia] IIC/ [Exd ia]; SEV 09 ATEX 0132; CE 1254 EMV STS 024 CE
  • 19” tray with aluminium-steel housing; IP 20 height 3 HE; width 12 TE
  • Front plate: Height x width 128 x 61 mm / tray: Height x width x depth 100 x 60 x 160 mm

  • Typ MIQ 8130 IIC V1.1x 24V A/G, Article Nr. xxxx